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Architecture studies the space of human life, in addition architectural work also has the ability to transform and design relations describing a landscape and territory. Mankind lives and travels in spaces of different sizes, kinds and features: the space of a natural landscape, city or house differs greatly from one another. A project is a new entity which makes  part of a city, territory or natural context, that lives and

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Interior Design

Design and implementation of sophisticated and functional spaces, in close contact with the client, to find out their needs and stylistic preferences. My  work is based on a thorough analysis of the living space at hand, the interventions of construction plant and the choice of materials (from lighting to the care of the image and design of the project). The design phase begins with a preliminary study of the whole

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The fundamental purpose of my concept of advisory is to provide owners with all the needed information, practical advice and ideas to carry forward the project of construction of one or more spaces. Among the most important are the nuances of color, arrangement of furniture, curtains and upholstery, as well as professional contacts. My advice is clearly not limited only to this and I tend to follow every aspect necessary

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Cademario – Parents’ Master Suite (Switzerland)

Renovation and complete refurbishment 50 sqm   To the light The extension of the family home provided a link to the adjacent building aimed to create a private master suite only for the parents. The focal point of the bedroom is a functional partition coated with natural stone used as well in the en suite bathroom, declined here in split finish. This particular wall has allowed to perform two functions

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Chiasso – Kitchen showroom (Switzerland)