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Paradiso – Designing your home abroad (Switzerland)

Designing your house abroad must be tough, sometimes even if you work with a professional designer remotely. Last year I had to deal with some of the consequences of purchasing furniture online. My clients contacted me for a small makeover that made a huge difference in their summer home in Lugano: when the moved they’ve discovered that the tall bar with it’s chunky chairs was uncomfortable to use because of

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Paradiso – Living in Paradise (Switzerland)

Duplex penthouse 292mq   Spaces open towards the view and Art Dèco furnishings are the distinguishing sign of a penthouse in Lugano Paradiso, Switzerland. Surrounded by greenery the residence where this penthouse is located, was built in close relation with the landscape at the foot of Monte San Salvatore. The weave of the white lines characterizes its façade, while the inner spaces are outstretched towards outside. The architecture characterized by

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Lugano – Gender neutral Nursery (Switzerland)

Interior decoration – Lugano, Switzerland. 12 sq.m.   Creating a modern and cozy room for a baby to come could be a difficult task in 12 square meters. Especially if one of the walls is completely occupied by a closet and one other by a window.  The project of a nursery with a non-conventional form of the floorplan, maintaining the existing furniture, has to be designed right from the beginning

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Architecture studies the space of human life, in addition architectural work also has the ability to transform and design relations describing a landscape and territory. Mankind lives and travels in spaces of different sizes, kinds and features: the space of a natural landscape, city or house differs greatly from one another. A project is a new entity which makes  part of a city, territory or natural context, that lives and

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The fundamental purpose of my concept of advisory is to provide owners with all the needed information, practical advice and ideas to carry forward the project of construction of one or more spaces. Among the most important are the nuances of color, arrangement of furniture, curtains and upholstery, as well as professional contacts. My advice is clearly not limited only to this and I tend to follow every aspect necessary

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