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Architect and Interior Designer



MD Creative Lab – Architecture and Design. Architect and Interior Designer a Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland

Architecture studies the space of human life, in addition architectural work also has the ability to transform and design relations describing a landscape and territory. Mankind lives and travels in spaces of different sizes, kinds and features: the space of a natural landscape, city or house differs greatly from one another.

A project is a new entity which makes  part of a city, territory or natural context, that lives and utilizes space.

In order to carry out a project I conduct a gradual and in depth study/analysis, reflecting on the meaning of the intervention that I intend make. Emphasis is placed on the object that I’m going to revise and the imprint that the project will leave on the area.

During the design phase I focus on the requirements and desires of my client, harmoniously adapting their ideas to reality.

My main areas of expertise are:

  • Architectural design: From concept to detail for private clients and companies. Design according to individual needs and facility requirements, supervision and project management
  • Restoration of ancient buildings and cottages.
  • Restyling: to give a new look to the living space inside and outside with a few, but targeted adjustments.
  • Specialist advice: professional help on what to consider in order to avoid the many architectural problems in the difficult task of restructuring apartments and houses.